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The Long View


As this market bounces around, we must focus on “The Long View.”  Countless studies have repeatedly shown, “It’s time in the market, not timing.”

As you read this post, please sit back and imagine what we ask you to imagine.

First, imagine you are driving down the Interstate. The road is straight. There is very little traffic, and the conditions are excellent. Imagine you are staring at the road immediately in front of your hood. Even under these ideal conditions, do you think for a second you can travel in a straight line? Not a chance.

Now imagine looking far down the road. Can you maintain a straight line of travel?

Of course, because you are taking “The Long View.”

Now, imagine mowing some grass. What happens if you look at the yard directly in front of your mower as you push it across the long edge of your yard? Do this for a couple of strips. Now, look a little bit farther out and push your mower across the long edge of your yard. Do this for another few strips. Compare the straightness of the wheel lines for both methods—“The Long View.”

Doesn’t the same logic apply to investing in the stock market?

We believe a new decision is made—every day—to leave your money where it is or move into a different investment. Moving in and out of investments is the short view.

Warren Buffet, the champion investor of all time, does not move in and out of things. He keeps his eye on “The Long View.”

And that’s what we do.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed either way, but we believe that only with the Long View will we maintain our sanity when the market takes a relatively short duration turn against us.

Of course, we pay attention to the fundamentals. We choose investments we believe are most likely to survive and prosper—and yes, we accept a few defeats here and there when the weather gets rough.

But we always keep our attention on “The Long View.”

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