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Market Correction 2023

You probably saw the news: On October 27, the S&P 500 officially slid into a market correction. A correction is when the markets decline 10% or more from a recent peak. In the S&P’s case, the “recent peak” was on July 31, when the index was at 4,588.1 On Friday, the index closed at 4,117 – a drop of 10.2%.1


Cause and Effect

If you’ve been paying attention to the headlines, you know that September was a rough month for the markets. What’s behind this surge in volatility? While it’s easy to see all these numbers and headlines and feel overwhelmed, it might be helpful to think of the markets as a knotted-up ball of string. By slowly tracing the string backward, we can gradually untangle it.


Why do we celebrate Independence Day?

Everyone knows the Fourth of July is a chance to go on that much-needed summer vacation. It’s an opportunity to get together with family and enjoy backyard barbecue. It’s a time for parades and picnics, fireworks, and fun. It’s a way to feel and express pride in our country.

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