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Our Dave Stories

David’s Journey

Debt Snowball

I was first exposed to Dave Ramsey when I was given Financial Peace as a wedding gift in 1998, but I didn’t read it at the time. My wife and I started our marriage with student loan debt and a vehicle loan.  In time, we were able to pay off the student loan and then the car loan within the first 5 years of our marriage and maintain an emergency fund. 

Financial Peace University

About 10 years into marriage, we took FPU which helped us learn how to budget better.  I also learned the importance of working with a Financial Advisor and starting a Roth IRA to reach a 15% of household income baby step 4 goal.  Unfortunately, I was only contributing about half that amount.

I’m debt free!!!

Even though we were debt free except the mortgage, in 2008, we found ourselves with a mortgage debt that was 60% of our take-home pay.  It was this everyday burden that motivated us with gazelle-like intensity to rid ourselves of all debt!  We started a budget, skipped some vacations, and sold a real estate investment.  We used 100% of the extra funds to reduce our mortgage debt.  In 2013, I was taking a picture of the check that would be the “payoff amount” for my mortgage.  I keep a “pay the mortgage” reminder on my phone for the first of every month, so that I can give a prayer of thanks to God for not having a mortgage to pay.  Since I have four daughters, I will be saving for cars, college and weddings for the foreseeable future!

Travis’ Journey


I was at my sister-in-law’s house in 2000 just after they had attended a Dave Ramsey one day event.  Their passion was infectious, so I picked up Financial Peace and read it that weekend while sitting on their front porch swing.  I bought in to the common sense approach and found my local ELP. 

Life Changing

Along the way, I believed so much in changing my family tree, I decided in 2006 to change my career path from Engineering to Financial Advising which eventually led to becoming the local SmartVestor Pro for my area.  I have since gotten Mom and Sis to drink Dave’s “Kool Aid”.  Mom has taught classes and my sister has screamed her debt free scream with Dave.  She is now a fellow Investment Advisor teaching the same Dave principles.  In 2014, I was appointed to the Dave Ramsey Investment Council.  I have been working closely with Ramsey Solutions to make sure we can provide the best possible service for our clients.  

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